1. Me in the future #2. #comics #libraryduty #rtaylor #oldies #cartooning

  2. Me in the future. #comics #libraryduty #cartooning #rtaylor #oldiebutgoodie

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    Last night I found the "Fursona Generator" thanks to some Tumblr friends. I clicked through a few times and was laughing with tears streaming down my face.

    My sense of humor is a bit warped.
    Here are a few of the ones I got right away. Just super quick sketches— I needed to do something fun. I need to go back and hit it again for more inspiration later on.

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    By Sarah Horrocks

    Emily Carrolls collection of horror comics, Through the Woods, operates largely on the alienation of the inexplicable experience. More specifically, with one exception, it explores that alienation in women, particularly young women. The struggle for many of these characters is the insidious horror of trauma, and all of the ways that trauma pulls you apart, both from yourself and your community, and leaves you susceptible to further terrors.

    This trauma that suddenly makes you unreliable to the world around you, and indeed unreliable to yourself, provides much of the claustrophobia that characterizes the slowly closing trap of Carroll’s flashlight-whispered tales. These are spellbound stories through which every strength of the comics medium is put into employ. There are frankly very few writers in comics who can go toe-to-toe with Emily Carroll in this regard. The totality of these comics is a testament to the largely untapped potentials inherent in this medium.

    One of the aspects of the whole that powers Through The Woods is its lettering. Carroll’s lettering has a handwritten character of its own, and oftentimes the twisting bending nature of the letters and words drive the composition of the pages as a whole, which allows Carroll to move effortlessly through sometimes complex layered montage pages.


    There may not be a creator I am more jealous of right now than Emily Carroll. Nobody makes better horror comics, for real.

    reblogging to remind myself to get this for the library

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    Abstraction 1-9

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  9. Yaaay! Drawn & Quarterly! Didn’t get lost on the way, too badly… #montreal (at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly)

  10. Kinda sad we don’t get to stay another night. #montreal

  11. #montreal (at Centre de Commerce Mondial de Montréal)

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  13. Some nice posters in #montreal

  14. This was called “voluptuous man on horse.” #montreal

  15. Espresso machine in our hotel room? Oh my gosh, yes. #montreal (at Le Saint-Sulpice Hôtel Montréal)