1. @floofalump and the chuck-e-cheeses ride from hell. #quechee #antiques

  2. No logs allowed. #newhampshire #wood

  3. Seen in Boston’s airport. They have chefs. #boston #chefs #deliciousnoms

  4. The kitties love our new couch. #catsofinstagram #floral #socute

  5. Finally had the Yama experience I always wanted, thanks to a couple lovely toonie friends. *_* #delicious #noms #sushi

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    We mourn the loss of our friend Robin Williams, who always made us laugh and smile.

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  7. More Chick Tract greatness. #sissy #jesus #comics #libraryduty #chicktracts

  8. My favorite Chick Tract, “Somebody Goofed.” Your atheist friend was Satan all along!! #chicktracts #schulzlibrary #comics #satan

  9. Someone left a bunch of Chick Tracts on a table in the back of the #schulzlibrary. Holy cow. #comics #chicktracts #hilarious #dinosaurs

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    For real though, I often struggle with motivation and self improvement, and this silly website has really helped me over the last few weeks. I already see an improvement in my productivity, eating habits, and general motivation. 

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    Ink on the cover of my sketchbook. 

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    This GIF shows how the toucan releases heat using its beak to cool itself off.

    The toucan beak isn’t just beautiful, it’s also an adjustable thermal radiator that the bird uses to warm and cool itself. When the bird is hot, the blood vessels in their beak open up to allow more circulation to enable heat to escape. Birds can’t sweat so they have to come up with some life hacks to get the job done. [video]

    This is absolutely fascinating. It seems so obvious that the beak would be a good way to radiate heat out, but I’d never even thought of that.

    That is awesome!

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  14. My new roommate @jacarvajal taught me how to monotype print today. :D :D :D


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    I can’t find it and I’m real mad



    deliciousnoms yaminoaoi THIS IS WHAT WE CAN CALL OUR SHITTY SKA BAND

    (our ska band in which carohoku will play the recorder)

    (that’s ska right)